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Trailing whitespace cleanup

Code cleanup: use "ad_form" for form processing and "ad_include_contract"; dropped support for "change-locale-include"-include attribute "return_p" as it was never used in the include's code.

move test cases for lc_monetary_currency to acs-outdated, where the definition lives

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use existing api

validate user_locale

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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Trailing whitespace cleanup

Prefer '==' over 'eq' on numeric comparison

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Fix regression on enabling/disabling locales

replace deprecated function ad_var_type_check_number_p which was used improperly

Simplify multirow logic using 'template::util::list_to_multirow'

Add the option to unregister (delete permanently the message key from all locales) a message key that has been already marked as deleted. Useful for cleaning up old message keys

file message-unregister.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file message-unregister.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Fix query and logic for retrieving a particular locale stats for acs-lang admin/index page. In particular, messages that do not exist in a certain locale are properly computed in order to calculate deleted and untranslated ones, at the price of executing one query per locale instead of just a big one.

Default deleted_p should be false for non-existing translations

Allow to undelete a message from acs-lang 'edit-localized-message', instead of showing the option to delete it whatever the state is

Refactor acs-lang 'admin/index' page, adding the new columns 'total' and 'deleted' to the listing, and reworking the query so it is faster (53ms -> 7ms), correct (number of messages by state are computed coherently with other acs-lang pages) and gives more information

file index.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Refactor acs-lang 'message-list', using a single query for counting the different message states instead of one per state, and simplifying tcl logic

Rework acs-lang 'package-list' query 'packages_locale_status' query (89ms -> 4ms)

Rework acs-lang 'package-list' query 'packages_locale_status_default' query (48ms -> 2ms)

Add deleted column to acs-lang 'package-list', and fixed number of messages depending on status, making it coherent with 'message-list'. Also fixed translated/untranslated count on default locale in 'message-list'. Version bump.

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file package-list.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Fix untranslated count and view on acs-lang 'message-list' + some refactoring

Fix acs-lang 'admin/message-list' page, making the number of messages in different states coherent, and general refactoring

HTML cleanup

Whitespace changes

Fix message key description edition