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Test external command line dependencies

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Increase proc coverage

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Cleanup private interface lang::system::timezone_support_p: ref-timezones has been made a dependency of acs-lang long ago

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Improve test precision: take into account packages defined as <install... in the info file, as e.g. dotlrn does

info files do not contain message keys

Stick to packages that are enabled

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Use the intended table to get packages that are known to the system

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Add comment

Make api to retrieve the dependencies of a package public, as we use it in a test in another package, swith to the api that will retrieve the cached value instead of re-computing the result

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New test to check that message keys are used consistently with package dependencies

this can only be enforced as a warning because it is possible to have constructs such as "if installed, then use message key" that would be tricky to detect

list called api procs

complete listing of covered procs in test cases

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improve listing of test coverage

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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make comment more precise

New test to enforce that catalog files are valid XML

improve spelling

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Refactor 'locale_language_fallback' testcase, using 'aa_run_with_teardown' and preventing errors when the 'en_GB' locale is not enabled

mprove spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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Rename 'random', 'randomInit' and 'randomRange' procs to something compliant to OpenACS naming convention, replace occurrences, create deprecated wrapper

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improve handling of invalid (hacked) ad_locale cookies.

Previously, invalid ad_locale cookies lead to an error, which in turn

prevented all communication with OpenACS. So, a user had to delete the

cookie manually. Now, we just produce a warning, ignore and delete such

broken cookies.

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Fix typo

Do not rely on error trapping for file retrieval, introduce a test for this proc

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improve spelling

Add 'message-undelete' page to make use of the new '::message::undelete' proc for undeleting messages, a couple of icons, the undelete option in 'message-list' and the undelete action in automated tests

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Exclude locales that are not enabled from test

Do not test deleted keys

Display error message when the test fails

Update test case for lang::util::default_locale_from_lang

fix typos