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Go ahead and reimplement also lc_time_utc_to_local

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Reimplement lc_time_local_to_utc using lc_time_tz_convert

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lc_time_tz_convert reform:

- enforce that only dates in the ISO format "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" are accepted

- apply clock api normalization to seemingly out of range time_values, as per https://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl/TclCmd/clock.html#M25

- return the empty string every time input is invalid or a conversion cannot be determined

- return a value, as ISO date, only when conversion is successful

- prefer the clock api to perform the conversion, but fall back to the ref-timezones datamodel when the timezone is not supported by Tcl

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Whitespace cleanup

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Added procs lc_time_conn_to_system and lc_time_system_to_conn

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1. Changed a lot of package info files to fix problems ...

2. Added Vinod's bboard patch

3. Rationalized party e-mail checking by putting a "before insert or update"

trigger on the table that lower-cases email (this was already done by the

party.new() func but at least one update missed this). Got rid of all

"lower(email) = " and "upper(email) = " checks and just made all use the

db email column directly and lower-cased Tcl vars. In this way the index

on the email column is always and consistently used without needing to

define functional indexes on the column (an EE feature for Oracle).

4. Rationalized naming of a couple of workflows and fixed a glossary PG bug

where apparently its workflow got overwritten by one from the CMS at some

point in time.

5. Made the .cmp/.dat/.frm filters in the template code usable though not

very beautiful nor exactly correct. But with practice you can use them

to debug pages in the packages/* hierarchy. I also turned these off by

default as there's no need to run these filters on a production site!

6. Performed minor surgery on templating, including adding a new

"ad_return_exception_template" that allows you to return a templated

error page and aborts the script.

7. ??? probably but I think this covers most stuff.

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First port commit

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