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break overlong lines

produce error message in the error log, if the parameter value_array_list is not well formed

Document public api

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Small improvements:

- use "string is space" instead of trimming the string and checking if empty, at least 2x faster on development, wherever we don't need the trimmed value

- modernize leftover foreach trick with lassign

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Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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Return 0 when looking up the existance of a message key in an unsupported locale instead of failing, test the behavior

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Reduce need for xql

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Cleanup hacks addressing #2011927 bug in Oracle: this has been supposedly addressed in version 9i, already EOL


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Fix acs-lang.test_message_register automated test:

when checking if a message should be created or updated, do not trust the nsv, which won't be there for messages that have been soft-deleted and go to the db instead. When a message is soft deleted, cleanup the nsv cache.

Mark 'lang::message::cache' as public, as it is used in 'acs-admin'

Make api public, complies with acs-api-browser.graph__bad_calls automated test

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remove protection "private", since function has to be called from other packages

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bring test coverage to >50% by adding test cases and marking only locally called functions as private

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mark unused function "_mr" as deprecated

Define arguments so that documentation__check_parameters automated test does find -varname flag correctly

Fix typo

acs-lang reform:

when calling lang::util::convert_to_i18n, do not always register a en_US translation, which will be otherwise always overridden. Instead, let lang::message::register make sure that a en_US message exists and create it only when needed as a fallback. Before, lang::message::register would return an error when e.g. a new message keys was registered for de_DE and no en_US was there. Now the en_US will be just created on the fly.

This does not break current automated tests

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acs-lang reform

Provide an optional object_id which can be used to register message keys that will be bound to the lifecycle of an acs-object. When the object is deleted, so will the message key.

This is useful for groups that automatically define a message key for their pretty name. Tcl api was already aware of this and would cleanup such message keys, but other idioms e.g. stored procedures used to delete groups would leave leftovers behind. These can become relatively numerous on group-intensive systems such as LEARN.

Other future usages for this new feature might be the automatic localization of xowiki FormPage properties.

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prefer "ns_conn isconnected" over "ad_conn isconnected", since the latter might not notice changes in the connect state

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avoid repeated lookup for the same locale

- simplifying one more expression

- bump version number to 5.10.0d11

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reduced the number of mutex locks for message keys lookup by a factor of two by using naviserver commands

improve spelling

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Add 'lang::message::undelete', in order to provide an API for undeletion of messages deleted via 'lang::message::delete', and modify 'lang::message::edit' accordingly. Next step would be to provide a user interface for it.

Switch to a sql-only approach (fixes regression)

Replace ad_decode idioms

Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null' and update doc accordingly

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don't load deleted messages into the cache and drop conceptually broken parameter

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