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bumped version number to 5.0.0b4, regened docs

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sync html to docbook

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regenerated html to accomodate new sections and css/xsl

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- Fixed typo in openfts install

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- Updated Docs for 4.6. Changes include:

- Use PG 7.2.3

- Use OpenFTS 0.3.2

- Major changes to AOLserver install

- Install AOLserver as root (so webserver cracker can't modify nsd)

- AOLServer now run as 'nobody.web'; regular user owns pages; pages are in user dir

- no more nsadmin account

- Add link at bottom of each page pointing to same page at openacs.org

- modified PG backup script to use defaults set in install guide

- modified export-oracle script to use 8.1.7

- added LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 to nsd-oracle script

- modified openacs4.tcl.txt config to set serverroot appropriately, set debug false

- incorporated lots of comments & emails (typos, URLs, etc)

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1) regenerated HTML docs

2) Re-added changes that didn't get merged over from the 4.5 branch

3) Added in comments from users on the live pages

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1) Added local vars to end of each xml file so that psgml-mode works properly

2) Added disclaimer to authorblurb stylesheet

3) Minor fixes to install guide

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1) Added hack to openacs.xsl to fix gremlin that only shows when files are being served from openacs 3.2

2) Numerous fixes in aolserver, oracle, postgres and openacs install docs. Thanks Torben, Van, Jade, Tapiwa!

3) Regenerated all HTML files

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Fixed a couple of broken and/or hard-wired links on the installation guides,

including the Windows 2000 install guide.

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Re-added 1-phrase overview pages.

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* Added "version" and "majorversion" entities to top-level index.xml

so document writers can just use "&version;" or "&majorversion;"

to have that automatically substituted during the output to other


* Updated most documents to make use of these new entities. Left some

unchanged documents under the kernel documentation.

* Updated the openacs.xsl to take my e-mail off the mailto. I get too

much spam already.

* Changed to "Open Architecture Community System" wherever I could find

(thank goodness for M-x query-replace :-))

* Regenerated the html docs.

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Changed ACS->OpenACS and regenerated HTML docs

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