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changing the OpenACS installation so that now, you fill in all system configuration on one form up-front, click install, and everything installs, the server restarts, and you're ready to go

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1. removed some errant log statemets previously inserted when debugging

2. sql/common/*sql files weren't being displayed by the APM, are now

3. added index on start_date in timespan-create after user reported

very slow calendar queries in .LRN

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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1. Made it possible to upgrade from acs-kernel 4.6.1 to acs-kernel 4.6.2

by using the APM rather than running the upgrade script by hand from

PSQL or SQL*Plus.

2. Changed a bunch of package .info files to depend on acs-kernel 4.6.2

to force the APM to upgrade acs-kernel (and therefore the APM datamodel)

before anything else. No guarantee on this though since not all

packages properly define their dependence on the kernel, it appears.

3. Whacked the release notes to suggest people use the APM to upgrade

acs-kernel first, other package later, just for safety's sake.

4. Fixed goof-up in acs-subsite I accidently introduced.

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Removed the vile fs_simple_objects added by OF to store URLs in file

storage despite the existence of a non-versioned URL type in the content

repository. Upgrade scripts provided. I added Tcl API to the content

repository to honor our desire to export the SQL API to Tcl client code.

1. folder contents are now counted correctly (bug fix)

2. The fs_objects view is now usable in PG (it was a UNION view before and

therefore didn't scale)

3. Code in file storage is considerably simpler now and all file storage

objects are now stored in the content repository, as they should


The Oracle version may need some work I'll finish testing this afternoon.

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Upgrade to 4.6.2

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Making apm_source update the apm_library_mtime variable (just like the analogous proc for xql files does). Making installation log much less information to the browser (changing from apm_ns_write_callback to apm_dummy_callback). Moving initialization of util_memoize cache to happen before first package is installed (fixes bug 242).

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changed the message to warn people that this might really take a long time, to avoid them interrupting it

added OutgoingSender parameter to acs-kernel

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Added a couple of patches, mostly minor ...

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A bunch of "ACS"->"OpenACS" and similar changes

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1. Added a new attribute to the .info file which tells the bootstrap

installer whether or not a package is part of the acs-core. Only

acs-core packages are now installed during the initial bootstrap install

of the system.

2. Fixed a dupe query name problem in a couple of queryfiles. The problem

is not with the dispatcher but with the extractor, and for the moment it

is just easier to kludge the resulting queryfile than fix the extractor.

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Moved the bootstrap and installer stuff into their own mini-package, which

let me clean up the loading of acs-tcl a bit and isolate all the bits of

APM-knowledge required in the pre-acs-tcl bootstrapping process into a single

apm file. In general, bootstrap.tcl is cleaner and easier to read.

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