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Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

Set some tests as 'production_safe'

Unset the right nsv in the test or leftover dummy proc names will make acs-tcl.naming__proc_naming test fail

Fix typo in proc doc

use calue checker "token" for "orderby" (usual checker)

Add 'case' to the list of Tcl keywords. The command is obsolete, deprecated, not documented anymore and slated for removal in Tcl 9.0, but still exists and makes the api_doc confused and unhappy.

Whitespace changes + editor hints

Avoid looking for proc names in comments after a semicolon or an opening curly brace, so common words in comments are not included in the api-doc as calls to procs with the same name

Add 'exit' to the list of Tcl keywords, so it is properly managed by the api-doc logic

Add 'unknown' to the list of Tcl keywords, so it is properly managed by the api-doc logic

Whitespace cleanup

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Use ad_include_contract

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improve spelling

improving comments

Fix test description

Include '-' as a valid character in a proc name in acs-api-browser's 'length_proc'. Fixes the 'acs_api_browser_apidoc_tclcode_to_html' test case.

fix for issue #3427

new funcion: util::inline_svg_from_dot: refactored version from private api-procs function.

use new function in api-doc

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fix broken HTML renderung (unbalanced </table>)

Allow dots in the proc name when building the doc HTML to accomodate e.g. for procs such as "system.methodHelp"

Make test dependent on xotcl

improve wording

Allow numbers in the first part of a proc name when counting its length in a way that apidoc::tclcode_to_html won't generate false positives when e.g. an XoTcl object called "9" exists and a word contains the character "9"

Make bogus value even more random

Add new test for apidoc::tclcode_to_html proc

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New test for apidoc::format_see, fix doc according to its real behavior

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New test for apidoc::format_author, improve documentation

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Deprecate broken proc api_type_documentation and remove its leftover usages, in a script that is also broken

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New test for api_script_documentation

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