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Properly escape "<" and ">" in api-doc documentation.

Since all documentation is rendered via HTML, the characters

"<" and ">" have to be HTML-quoted, otherwise strange things

(omission, unintended renderings) might occur.

E.g. the sentence

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP <include> similar to the page_contract.

was rendered as

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP similar to the page_contract.

which is incorrect.

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improving rendering in api-doc

- fixed validity of HTML (missing <dd>)

- use


instead of


and other variants. This improves stylability.

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    • +29
Moved styling to site-master.css

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Fixed calling info in call-graph, marked verbose test as "stress"

generalize collection of compiled template artefacts

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Fix typo

Make xotcl-core optional in the api-browser

include DB interface classes in API-doc

Display the actual smell in the test

New test to detect smells of hacking in the code, raising a warning when certain smelly keywords are found

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    • +39
fix broken regression test

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

- improved tab handling

- revive api_proc_link, paramertize it properly

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    • +18
Inline trivial ns_set logics

Improve cmd detection semantics in "tclcode_to_html" to avoid

misintepretations from arguments lists. Make as well explicitly clear

that the results of the private function "api_called_proc_names" is

just based on heuristics, such it can only be used in cases, where

false positives do not matter.

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    • +30
remove indent as well on xotcl procs, handle also per-object methods the same way

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added support for "ns_trim -prefix".

The command is predefined in NaviServer; if not available, a comatibility version is added.

This change also mitigates a potential memory-leak problem in nsv_dict with certain

versions of NaviServer which might lead on busy sites to problems.

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prettify API browser rendering for nx methods

- remove redundant doc block

- remove indentation

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beautify labels of ensemble methods in object browser

added support for NX ensemble methods

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Piggyback apidoc::tcl_to_html to an existing test and complete acs-api-browser api coverage

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fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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improve spelling

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fixed bug introduced 8 months ago

Remove obsolete file. Fixes 'callgraph__bad_page_calls' test case

Whitespace changes

Increase test coverage

extend regression test: check, whether pages call deprecated code or private functions of other packages

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