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- give up on AOLserver for automatic blueprint update after an apm-install for the time being. The situation is described in detail in the source code

flush dirty editor buffer

try to re-init packages on apm-load to overcome problems with blueprint updates on AOLserver

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One more attempt to come to a solution for updating the blueprint, that works for AOLserver as well

Try to program around AOLserver problems: precompute url before producing new blueprint

Update blueprint of the server after successful loading of packages

Pass the information that we are installing from the repository (which takes care about installing the packages noted in install.xml)

fix typo in markup

Fix typo

- improve messages

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- make boolean tests in .adp files more uniform

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changes for install from repository:

- change labeling of list filter:

* show current channel version (instead of just "current")

* call selector for head packages not "head" but supplemental

- offer on "head" channel just these packages, which are not available

in the current channel (this avoids a potential damage in the

current installation, when somebody tries e.g. to install

a core package from head, which is broken and/or older than

packages in the current channel). Since there is no way to downgrade

packages in OpenACS, such errors might be hard to fix.

- use message keys instead of hard-coded strings for maturity in


- fix tooltip text

- adding nonce values to script tags

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- use class = 'button' for non-navigational links

- add nonce

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- use action button like on other pages

- flag success/error more prominent

- fix construction of utl when head channel is used

- improve labels on "install from repo" (distinguish between "install" and "upgrade")

- modernize HTML in .adp files

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- imporve symmetry of user interface

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- allow to goto acs-admin/install page also without internet connection

- bump version number

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- fix install URLs

- clean up "install" pages

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- improve labels

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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- distinguish in messages between "install" and "upgrade"

- move code for per-package install.xml from www code to library

function apm_package_install and evaluate the file only on installs

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- add "button" style to install actions

- fix links

- improve style-ability

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