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fix typo in markup

Fix typo

- improve messages

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- make boolean tests in .adp files more uniform

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changes for install from repository:

- change labeling of list filter:

* show current channel version (instead of just "current")

* call selector for head packages not "head" but supplemental

- offer on "head" channel just these packages, which are not available

in the current channel (this avoids a potential damage in the

current installation, when somebody tries e.g. to install

a core package from head, which is broken and/or older than

packages in the current channel). Since there is no way to downgrade

packages in OpenACS, such errors might be hard to fix.

- use message keys instead of hard-coded strings for maturity in


- fix tooltip text

- adding nonce values to script tags

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- use class = 'button' for non-navigational links

- add nonce

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- use action button like on other pages

- flag success/error more prominent

- fix construction of utl when head channel is used

- improve labels on "install from repo" (distinguish between "install" and "upgrade")

- modernize HTML in .adp files

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- imporve symmetry of user interface

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- allow to goto acs-admin/install page also without internet connection

- bump version number

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- fix install URLs

- clean up "install" pages

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- improve labels

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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- distinguish in messages between "install" and "upgrade"

- move code for per-package install.xml from www code to library

function apm_package_install and evaluate the file only on installs

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- add "button" style to install actions

- fix links

- improve style-ability

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- fix and standardize quoting in template properties

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- use type checking for boolean parameters in page_contracts to improve security

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- use dict instead of arrays

- simplify code

- ignore deprecated packages and *-portlet" (currently useless alone) in offer for end-users

- acs-admin/www/install:

* use acs-admin/www/apm/package-install for install from local

(since this allows e.g. selection of .sql files etc.)

- install from repository:

* include maturity and vendor in listing of available packages

* allow filtering on maturity

* allow installation of head packages

* run package-specific install.xml files (allows to install dotlrn

from repository into an acs-core installation)

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- use $::acs::rootdir rather than [acs_root_dir] or [get_server_root]

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- reduce number of remaining "string equal" operations

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