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security update for adp includes

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    • +25
security update for adp includelets

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Another application group proc from daveb's local work.

fixing code that parses UPS tracking reports

Adding interface to manage the UoL resource privileges

Fixed typo found while testing package extension stuff for oracle.

Community create package instantiation was missing package_id apparently

daveb missed that when sending me changes.

Upgrade scripts for application groups added to .lrn

track application group package change.

- fix incorrect reference to table in category_tree__copy

- revert a change of don to make categories admin interface working again.

- extending regression test

- refactor link resolver to ease testing

- make regexp for internal links more robust when http queries are used

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    • +44
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    • +30
extending test suite

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    • +27
Tcl upgrade for applications groups (from daveb)

Fixed another untested "fix" (you know who you are!)

Fixed apparently untested fix by gustafn that tried to update a table

using the syntax "update categories c set ...", which is not SQL.

Bump version number for application group change.

Upgrade scripts for application groups change (committing piecemeal because

I need to test upgrade for oracle before initial install)

add new file

- improve handling of missing category trees

- flush page fragment cache (for category includelets) when categories are managed

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Fix mixed up values of archive command and extension params

Fix param values for archive command and extension (were mixed up)

Changed the documentation of the proc to get the site node of the closest non-null

application group ancestor to match the code.

new layout for 4 columns

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    • +48
- fix typo

- make unknown link behave like "new" menu item

- use keywords form-field, when rendering FormPages

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    • +3
set pacakge_id from sitenode only, when package_id == 0

- use untrusted_user_id for last-visited includelet

don't set empty meta-tags if no values are provided

- reduce collateral damage from change from Jan 19th (handling of richt-text internal representation)

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    • +6
improve ability to run outside of a connection thread

avoid dependencies from running in a connection thread

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