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fix parameter setting where a new parameter was defined after startup, and its value is being modified.

fix parameter setting where a new parameter was defined after startup, and its value is being modified.

fixing minor typos

Removing FullScreen from plugin from the list of default plugins for Xinha editor.

FullScreen is not part of the plugins anymore.

bump version numbers to pick up fixes from last weeks via apm-tools

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    • +3
allow dot in page order

    • -2
    • +2
allow "." in page_order

    • -2
    • +2
fixing typos

handle empty input from rich-text widgets

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    • +6
Fix typo: added missing ',' from the previous commit

fix name clash in last change

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    • +5
make handling of richt-text internal representation ([list content content-type]) explicit in substitution handling to avoid confusions

    • -28
    • +49
software.adp is no longer valid as file url but a directory (canonical url)

StartDaemon variable evaluated

renamed plugins/OacsFs/oacs-fs.js to plugins/OacsFs/OacsFs.js in according to the new plugin naming of xinha (the old continues to work, but produces a warning)

Xinha 0.96b (Phoenix), part 2

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Xinha 0.96b (Phoenix)

Adding missing parameters ( implements_subsite_p and inherit_templates_p). To the

apm_package_register call. Does it make sense to let the user choose the values

for this parameters in the previos form?. Bug #3162.

minor fixes and updates for ecds procs

fixing checkout-progress references in updated adp

fixed changed semantic of md5; md5 from tcl lib returns binary md5, not hex like the old one. This bug was introduced by the removal of md5 in 2007

-11-28 14:07:20

karma on categories dotlrn-content content-portlet

added maintenance routine for tcl vars (to be used e.g. in cases a dump was read in with outdated time stamps)

add exit handler for throttle thread

make sure to create timestamp as an at least empty array

don't export last_mkey (minute key) in dump

remove some debugging output

fix typos in last changes

keep aggregated number of visitors rather than computing it on demand

minimal dump facility for persisting runtime data