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fix for bug #109

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remove deprecated calls to ad_parameter

remove deprecated calls to ad_parameter

remove depreacted calls to ad_parameter

remove deprecated calls to ad_parameter

wipe out ad_parameter from kernel files

Added missing spanish translations

write nicer time-differences

provide friendly summary

added listing of active users for today

adding quotes to html attributes where unquoted ones generate adp compile errors

bump version number

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provide local links (like e.g. [[#anchor]])

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generalize links to different package instances

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    • +36
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improve documentation and usability of gravatar url computation

bump version number

factor out new method: get_package_class_from_package_key

reduce verbosity

Added two missing keys ... needs doing for spanish, german, french ... ?

fix extra words in delete confirmation message

fix a bug when deleting treenodes

fix the url of swfupload

upgrade swfupload, fix bug with multi file upload with flash 10, fix bugs with drag and drop, create url and renaming tree folders

gravatar includelet added

check, if the external utility "tail" is available

provide "extends" entry in version array returned by apm_get_package_repository

- Provide windows compatibility for "upgrade/install" from repository.

Fixed Issues:

windows has no /dev/null,

don't use "gunzip" but "gzip -d",

gzip requires on windows -S switch,

no sh (instead of "cd DIR; tar ..." use "tar ... -C")

no mv (use "file rename" instead)

broken downloads via ns_httpopen + fcopy

reduce verbosity

updating security::locations logic to match get_https_port and not show a secure location if there is none.

deprecating ecommerce httpsModule parameter because it creates much havoc in acs-tcl/tcl/security-procs.tcl having ecommerce dependency.