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- don't let folder_path call get_instance_from_db with a folder_id

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Right hand side of expression also needs to be trimmed.

Fixing object_title bug

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Bumped version number

Merge imsld from oacs-5-4

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Some changes to make it possible to write scripts that are includable from

other packages to display information on bugs. Unfortunately, the bugtracker

was written from the POV that you'd never want to do such a thing, and is so

poorly written that even with these changes I had to do a bit of ugly hacking

in my include code.

- fix for bug #3156

- fix unset of f for first run

Fixed typo...

- add client_data to ad_returnfile_background and supporting functions

the version of swfupload ajaxfs is using does not work with Flash 10, putting a workaround to revert to single file upload until I can upgrade swfupload

- add object fileSpooler to ease customization

Fixed a typo ... in a comment! Very worthwhile use of my time ...

- fix for bug #3157

fix for bug #3159

removed redundant query, added more relevant user info for secondary authentication

Oops extra "_" crept in.

Tweak to initialization so it "works" without a current connection (i.e. at

openacs install time). It's still lame and you'll probably often want your

own custom initializer.

Track API changes ...

Implemented install.xml procs and tweaked API to make things a bit easier

to use. And unfortunately content-includelet wants to be an application,

not service, to work correctly with the site-building admin UI.

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Missed one place where extends implies requires.

Added two new tags to the install.xml repetoire:

1. instantiate-object - uses package_instantiate object to instantiate one.

2. call-tcl-proc - call an arbitrary tcl proc

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Fixing query that fetches resource content

Removed unneeded query.

Made the HEAD version dependent on the HEAD version of acs-kernel.

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Extracted sql from .tcl to .xql

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Updated install utilities with the latest from xarg, which, surprisingly,

still exists. Thanks to Rob and Lee Dennison for the enhancements.

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fixing shipping price calculation/display bug when using new value-based shipping price adjustment option

fixing the sorting of categories when creating new ones, adding a proc that standardizes/fixes all categories when ordered somewhat incidentally, adding a draft pagination proc.. will be drastically changed soon probably.

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fixing a nextval, and removing extraneous quotes on other nextval references