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Set charset for xml so rss support works correctly. Without the charset set for the mime type it sends iso-8859-1 which is wrong.

- fix lang-prefix setting code for non en-languages (many thanks to Åsmund for reporting the problem)

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Make sure xinha body handler loads

Fix so you can add a link without first selecting some text, same as previous behavior.

Fix some language issues. Make sure we use editor_plugin.js

Add default config parameter

Need editor_plugin.js

Don't call ad_conn, this proc is called from a scheduled procedure

Added param to output using UTF-8

Added directive to output valid HTML

Bumped HEAD to 5.6.0d1.

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Added a missing close-para tag.

Fixed tests to match the tDOM-based tag closing code.

Make the "old style" tag closing style lower case to be compatible with

the "new style" (tDOM) style, for consistency and so the same test cases

can be used with both. Changed test to match.

Grrr ... now I remember, in Oracle 8 and older total record size is limited

to the blocksize. We should really drop Oracle 8 support someday (as soon

as someone installes Oracle 10G or whatever the latest version is on my

server, so I can continue to test, support and release the damned thing).

Got rid of silly artificial limits on text lengths (why did I do that in

the first place?)

U Wien changed the format of the common timezone-rules.dat file without

changing the format specified in the corresponding Oracle sqlldr .ctl file.

Sigh, and some people think that making releases is a trivial task ...

Bumped release date as I'll be releasing today.

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Added some new documentation - db_* caching, a couple of other things.

Check permissions in all cases. Added missing last else block with permission check for the case !private.

Substitute acs_mail_lite::send for ns_sendmail

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HTML cleanup

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Added level double-A conformance icon

Remove zoom plugin. Fix permissions on file plugin on xinha

Substitute acs_mail_lite::send for ns_sendmail

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Fix unquoted [] in javascript

Substitute acs_mail_lite::send for ns_sendmail

Substitute acs_mail_lite::send for ns_sendmail. Removed the 'send me a copy' because it would be a privacy violation, sender would see the user email in the copy when actually the receiver has chosen not to show her email address on the site.

Substitute acs_mail_lite::send for ns_sendmail

Substitute calls to ns_sendmail for acs_mail_lite::send