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Fixed a bug that caused message page for the recipient not show any attachments. Also fixed a bug which caused the attachment link to show an incorrect url.

Zen: version bump

Zen: version change

Zen: adding message key A_dotlrn_Site

Zen: version change; and adding msg key Parameter_Period_days

Zen: Adding new footer message key (carl)

Zen: version change

Zen: Rob Denison's changes; removes categories-ui reference and adds contributions file to catgories package

Zen: adding message key for forums portlet label

Zen: new xql file

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file faq-add-edit.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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Zen: Changing text-align to right; removing footer-standards class (Mark, I think)

Zen: changes by Mark (I think)

Zen: fixing demo error

Zen: adding status of list template

Zen: footer changes by Carl

Zen: mark removed the small tags

Zen: cnk cleanup not finished

Zen: cleanup not finished

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Zen: adding queries for proc for get_instance_info

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Zen: adding proc get_instance_info

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Zen: cleanup - removing tabs - still not finished

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new version update

documenting changes

fixing bug 2975 applying patch 837

Fix link for Unsubscribe action

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Zen: fix contrast issue for links inside portlet headers

Call to initRTE was missing

Add missing quotes that caused xinha not to render properly

experimental collaboration graph drawer