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updated version number to 0.52

updated version number to 0.52

Fixed an issue with two identical entries in site_node_url_by_object_id

Add dependency to dotlrn

Prepared PM to run on 5.3.1

fixed some issues with orderby and onctacts integration

fix two cases, where ImageField had to be replaced with ImageAnchorField (in revisions code), more slot support

Fixing a lot of bad programming techniques and try to get .LRN out of the package, in vain...

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Developer support should only be running from the main domain

Made sure not to use not in clause in sweeper

Made the sweeper run only once, make it more performant, added counting of entries to the notice and fixed the dependency on .LRN

Added download directories because 5.3.0 had 1/4 million downloades

Bump version numbers to 5.3.2b1

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Made sure that we are able to send emails to large groups (e.g. 1000 users plus)

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makes all messages dates in a thread show in local time of the user reading, previously just the first post worked this way

Allow users to take assessment if assessment is set to number_tries == 0

changing ImageField into ImageAnchorField, initial support for form-constraints in HTML forms

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primitive support for slots for xotcl versions older than 1.5, distinguish between table fields of type ImageField and ImageAnchorField (the latter one is with href, applications using images in tables requiring href must update the names)

removing conflicts

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Fixed 5.3.1 problem

Adding user-info files to contacts that enable you to set the parameter UserInfoTemplate in acs subsite to /packages/contacts/lib/user-info, which allows users to edit their entire contact record for the first mounted contacts instance.

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Checking for custom UserInfoTemplate template parameter in subsite to display user info, it falls back to the way it had been before this update if that does not exist or subsite is not of a sufficiently high version to have that parameter.

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Minor bug fix

Adding ability to map dotlrn communities to contacts, email groups with one button on the front page, select groups from a drop down on the front page and fixing some bugs

Add parameter for site logo

Adding dotlrn_community::membership_approve callback

Get the list of filter options from the most recent version of a


support for anonymous form instances, when no html form is specified. extending form constraints with hidden and inform.

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removing dependencies with xotcl

adding upgrade script for postgres

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