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Merge from release branch to HEAD

Merge from release branch to HEAD

Merging from release branch to HEAD

updating templating to tcl/adp

fix template / presentation typos

fix variable reference in adp

fix variable references in adp

fix var ref, html attributes to lowercase

fixing variable references in adp

fixing template variable references

fixing variable reference

adding note about new value-based shipping feature

fix typo

fix presentation logic

changing out visible use of word Spam to Email for internationalization etc.

removing backslash from adp

removing backslashes from adp

fixing context bar

updating templating to tcl/adp

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make html tag attributes lowercase

revert to export_url_vars to fix audit function for now

bump version number, remove obsolete files

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bump version number, added after_upgrade_callback to delete obsolete files

fix for Oracle style date formats

adding noquotes, minor fixes to get it working. did it ever?

removing ec_report_get_start_date_and_end_date because it is only used in one place. Moved the code back to where the proc was referenced, because it seems over worked anyway

updating templating to tcl/adp

updating templating to tcl/adp


updating templating to tcl/adp