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Show the "Enable notifications" button in the chat only if the user has not accepted, or explicitly denied, notifications yet

added support for time fractions (needed e.g. for more precise countdown timers)

improve output of xo::show_stack

whitespace changes

Remove code leftovers

Add "Web notifications" for new messages in the chat. See: https://www.w3.org/TR/notifications/

"You should only request consent to display notifications in response to a user gesture

(e.g. clicking a button). This is not only best practice — you should not be spamming

users with notifications they didn't agree to — but going forward browsers will explicitly

disallow notification permission requests not triggered in response to a user gesture.

Firefox is already doing this from version 72, for example, and Safari has done it for some time."


delete duplicated entry

- do not require to make generic create-or-use public for

non-admins in proctor mode

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Add simple chat notifications. Modify the title of the browser tab, when it is inactive, showing the number of new messages. This is cleared up when the tab is active again.

new features for inclass exam workflow:

- additional flag "synchronized", can be specified on "create exam" page

- provide info about exam publication time and duration since publication

time to the details view of the exam protocol

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fix typo

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added skeleton for proctoring support

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template::set_css_propert: generalize function

template::hide: new API function to hide certain CSS classes via javascript

improve readability

Added HashKeyPartitionedCache:

This is type of cache is like a "KeyPartitionedCache" but works as

well with strings as keys while the "KeyPartitionedCache" requires numeric


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mark "acs_lookup_magic_object" explicit as deprecated,

use "acs_magic_object" instead (which is per-thread cached)

fix output from tcltrace procs

added optional field for expected solution

add optional text descriptions to short_text fields

generalize modifier handling in "correct_when"

prefer "string map" over "regsub"

do not show count-down timer always

don't show results of "marked" right now

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add support to get revisions with instance variables

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Show number of active users in chat. Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Added count-down timer for inclass-exam-answer.wf

- new API call Question_manager.exam_target_time

- new includelet "countdown-timer" (based on answer_manager.countdown_timer)

shorten date info in title, since it is redundant

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allow minimal number of selected alternatives of 1 (does not always make sense, but it is useful for text exercises)

whitespace cleanup