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whitespace changes

make clear, when passing objects or ids

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- New option for all form_fields: "disabled_as_div" to render disabled input fields as div.

This has the advantage that con can provide with little effort highlighting in such fields.

- New conveniance method "is_disabled" to avoid repetitious cose

- Additional correct_when predicate: "contains".

Correct, when answer contains any of the provided words.

includelet form-usages: provide all used forms as links, when multiple forms are used as source

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

reduce verbosity

new parameter -return_irl for form-usages to control page to return to after e.g. editing the page.

improve handling of disabled compound form fields

improve debugging messages

allow always in logindata as valid peer

improve naming

reduce verbosity

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fullow usual line breaking conventions

handle newer versions of [ns_writer list] returning as well rate management info

Deprecate ad_quotehtml. use ns_quotehtml instead.

don't trust login_cookie, when no session_cookie is provided

avoid multiple but identical calls

improve cross references in apidoc

- added instance variable parent_field (when create_components is used).

This eases the upwards traversal for compound form fields.

- simplify usage of shuffling since it makes configuration via

form-constraints easier. we use now one field "shuffle_kind"

instead of the tow fields before.

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Strip of validation part before checking for the existence of query parameter

No need to force-cache the value of every parameter of every package instance

We are just adding a new parameter: this should in fact not exist and therefore no cache should be present and needed to be flushed. Furthermore, in most cases one would immediately restart the server, as this normally happens in the context of a package upgrade.

Replace deprecated idioms

Replace deprecated idiom

Fix typo in regexp command

improve spelling

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handle missing nt_domcomp case without raising an error

add styling for preview exam

renamed style file

file form-generator.css was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

default to shared workflow definition

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change order of class definition: move CompoundField to the front to let other fields depend on it

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