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fix for openacs site issue #148

Add the global test proc coverage percentage to the 'automated-testing' admin/index page, and link it to the new 'proc-coverage' page

Remove duplicated property

Add package name to the coverage data

Replace completely the 'proc-coverage' page, using the new api and providing proc test coverage information for packages and system wide

Fix return error in proc

Simplify styles

Add missing public flag to proc

New test proc coverage library (proc-coverage) for the 'automated-testing' package:

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_covered_p', checks if a particular proc is covered by any automated test.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_list', returns a list of procs, sistem wide or in a package, with their coverage status.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_coverage', returns a summary of information (number of procs, number of covered procs, coverage percentage) about the coverage of the api of a package, or system wide.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_coverage_level', returns a level value (high, medium, low...) for a particular percentage.

Also add new CSS file for the automated tests summary page, which should help reducing the inline styling in the package, and different styles for the proc coverage levels.

file coverage-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file tests.css was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Use a more generic message key for name (e.g. for cases when this is used for something different than pages, such as files)

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Display the title in child-resources (optionally hidden)

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Make file optional, validator already takes care to check whether this is a new upload and therefore requires one or not

Rely on portrait-bits, that already provides a default image in case (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

Remove unnecesary quoting

Add the proc test coverage of each package, and link the 'proc-coverage' page, lost and isolated for many years...

Add new proc 'aa_test::proc_coverage', which returns the percentage of proc test coverage on a particular package, or on the whole system

Whitespace changes

Copy paste query from copy in the move, as they are the same

This query is also reported downstream as a frequently slow one

Reimplement sorting depth-first sorting criteria in a way that is portable, fix starting depth

Rewrite query often seen among those taking a long time on downstream system

Empirical tests on file storage instances with many folders show this is more efficient that previous version, other than being (supposedly) portable for Oracle and Postgres

Try to address issue reported by Michael Aram: export variables sooner, when the uplevel they come from is still well known, rather than later in the rendering, when this could not be so trivial (e.g. in OO code)

New utility to return all descendants of a certain cr_item or folder

Whitespace cleanup

Enclose "Dropzone" word in a span so it can be addressed by CSS styling

Use appropriate idiom to retrieve return_url from the query parameter

This solves also the corner case of the empty folder

Add a new Action widget property "confirm_message": when this is set on a BulkAction, will generate the javascript to ask for confirmation using specified message

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Use naviserver api as methods such as exists_parameter might not always be defined on the object (e.g. when we try to bulk delete an empty folder)

Do not render the include twice

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