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Removed debugging code.

moved from contrib

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merge with 5-1 code

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added general comment of logging info to project, send email notification

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Added braces so TCL could cache the results (according to Jade)

Minor Bugfix

Added capability to import all messages for a locale from the translation server

Changed to an existing vendor. Changed the file location (as this needs to be unique). People seem to forget this all the time...

get rid of spurious -

throw 404 if image not found

throw a NOT_FOUND error for not found so we can 404 in things like photo-album/www/image/index.vuh

adds package to trail-of-crumbs for proc-view as it is in procs-file-view, display-sql, etc

partial fix for bug 2388

propigate stack trace if not 404

return a 404 for forum_id not found

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use -catch for callback so if page fragment has error we still serve page

change msg key in account-closed page, uppercase key

add the account closed title msg key

change msg key in account-closed page

Adding message keys for locales en_US, es_ES

moving "add photos link" to photo-album/album-chunk

fixing i18n method when editting a folder

fixing href link in album-chunk ( using photo-album instance link instead of /photo-album)

Restoring site-master.css

typo in package key

i18n for online members message

Changing color for the greeting message

Increasing the context-bar font size

Adding missing keys for locales es_GT, es_ES, en_US

removing aliases for tables in updates

Adding missing key for locales (es_GT, es_ES, en_US)

typo in portlet pretty name