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fix the links in the docbook primer, clean up the examples

fix a few more out of date aD references and links, change to reference notes at openacs.org, add section numbering to printed version

Fixed column naming

Implementing display-mode radio/checkboxes using the 'disabled' HTML attribute instead of GIFs.

updated privs to new structure

updated privs to new structure

Fix bug#1168 originally added to HEAD

Fix bug#1029. Originally added to HEAD

Update last modified of the content item when a new revision is added.

Fixes bug#1029

*** empty log message ***

Adding missing pl/sql etp__create_new_revision to upgrade script. Fixs bug#1168

added create and drop scripts for privs

added mockup for more variables; different task types

make .dia binary as well

make .eps binary by default

add the partialquerys for author sorting fixes bug 1244

updated permissions

Fixed task-edit, role-edit, template-edit pages

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- Added role::edit, role::get_options

- Adding unique constraints on short_name and pretty_name to roles, actions, fsm_states

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fix calls to ad_return_complaint

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Importing first version of resource-list. May have items that are safe4all.org specific.

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Fixed bug 1142 again (more?)

file upgrade-5.0.0b3-5.0.0b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

remove version entity from most titles, remove OpenACS 4 from titles, add catalog and lib directory to server layout figure

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Make AOLserver and PostgreSQL all follow same case, clean up compat matrix some, add pg7.4 as untested for 5.0.0 (Guan Yang has installed on 7.4 so it seems to work), add comment on 7.4 and 9i status, remove unused version of compatability.xml

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small indenting change

commit for rocael on faq

add some diagnostics, don't fail silently on permissions failure, add more explicit help text for EmailQmailQueue

add a link to the parameters page

First implementation draft of the the SimInst module. Not yet fully functional.

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