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add some diagnostics, don't fail silently on permissions failure, add more explicit help text for EmailQmailQueue

add a link to the parameters page

First implementation draft of the the SimInst module. Not yet fully functional.

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use ad_form for faqs, use permission::require_permission, bug 839 patch 372 Gerardo Rene Morales Cadoret

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added new string for available-in-this-language

Minor documentation changes.

added handler to resolve object_ids into urls

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the upgrade failed because notification_user_map constraint notif_user_map_notif_id_fk needed the pk on notifications_bak, now drops it and recreates it after the table is reloaded

don't get attach_p unless we put it into the form in the first place

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updated data model docs

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added UI handling for new attributes

updated index to include form-builder.xml

added link to new docs

file form-builder.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

added works_for, resides_at, in_directory_p, is_located_in to data model

updated permissions

added link to new docs

fixed bug where passing in only action_id crashes page

adding the sim_roles table. Making the ordering of table creations more logical

some TODO comments added after review with Joel

allow variable subst in query on errno 2 (return)

change the query to prevent a slow table scan

changing the page flow of siminst to reflect the two step instantiation process - mapping, and casting

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populate site-nodes-cache by resolving urls in tcl instead of using the slow plsql

fixing typo: query group::member_p.user_is_member was missing the group:: prefix in its name

when parsing a xql file fails, it seems appropriate to log this in the error log

fix invalid markup patch 336 Randy O'Meara

Simplified make-admin and make-member pages, now that we have a better group::add_member that knows to delete existing relations

Another partial fix for #1144: join on rel_id, too, so when a user has two rows in cc_users he only shows up twice, not four times (cartesian product of all the relations)

Fix for #1144: duplicate rows in cc_users. group::add_member will now delete any memberhip_rel or child thereof before inserting the new relation. It didn't before, and this could cause a user to have both a membership_rel and an admin_rel relation to the registered_users group.