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used wrong function in last submission - should have been string first, not string match. Doh\!

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Removing to_date() calls on columns that are already of type date. This makes the news index page work on pg 7.3.3 - hopefully it doesn't make it break elsewhere.

Updated to work with list-builder. Now sorts all three list builder

tables correctly. Also width of tables is 100%

Clarified the page logic

Pulled out message key usage lookup to a separate page, so it doesn't take so long to display the edit-locatlized-message page

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1. Comments on messages

2. Rename lang_messages_audit.message to old_message

Added procs lc_time_conn_to_system and lc_time_system_to_conn

Do the database-to-memory caching on startup without serving pages until that's done. Syncing from message catalog files can be done later

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Comments on messages

starting to add timezone support to the calendar package. Have not finished this task yet as we are waiting for Dirk to help us fix some major breakages that are preventing us from testing

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
Added -orderby_name switch to let you specify a name for the orderby filter for your list

Typo in spelling of checkbox_name in the API doc.

Properly quoting values in CSV file

Added -html switch to list builder to let you add HTML attributes to the TABLE tag

Added documentation for the -orderby switch to template::list::orderby_clause

Now chooses constraints better. You choose from a drop select instead

of typing by number.

Task revisions table now uses list-builder. Added a dependency on

acs-templating to reflect this.

1. Added search for words in messages feature.

2. Added locale enable/disable feature

3. Cleaned up translation UI

4. Improved batch message edit

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removed what looks like a copy-and-pase mistake at the end of the script

changing localization data to be stored in the message catalog instead of in an nsv array so that those values can be set via a web interface instead of having to update a file

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adding the british locale

- changed timestamp to timestamptz

- moved pl/pgsql into a separate file

- upgrade script

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file wp-packages-create.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file upgrade-4.0b3-4.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

- In the user registration, leaving url empty yields an error. It shouldn't, since

it's optional. Fixed.

Added in task constraints, including icons for constraints.

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- Commiting include-optional's documentation from HEAD.

Oh darn it.

Looks like the documentation for the <switch> tag was already in HEAD,

but I didn't notice it. So the time spent in writing the darn thing was

in vain.

Backporting the switch docs from HEAD to oacs-4-6 (includes some other things,

like documentation for include-optional).