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fixed problem with warning for stop words not working

use correct style name forum-post

fix style names to not use _

making the template::expand_percentage_signs proc honor quoted percentage signs (double percentage sings) and reuse the regexp pattern from acs-lang

correcting labels of locales

adding batch editing with pagination that allows multiple messages to be translated by translator on one page, added context bar to admin ui, added HTML quoting of messages, various other minor improvements

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adding a charset proc, a proc that checks that embeddded variables in messages are not messed up by translators, fixed regexp bug in the adp message catalog proc, removed caching mistake - we would reload the cache on every request (we were all wondering why our server was so slow...:-))

quoting html attribute with percentage signs so they don't look like tcl escape tags

remove unused </ul>

take "title" class off news date

change span id to class, they are used multiple times

fix #more s/b .more

fixed a bug that I introduced by using a new localized list variable for user roles

fixing pretty name bug, removing hashes from key

changed a non-existant key to one that is in the catalog file and seemed like the same thing

I18N: converting the user state toggle links to using the message catalog (used in .LRN)

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localizing some texts in the UI that I had missed

change from PrettyName to pretty_name for consistency with other portlets

change because underscore proc only takes two arguments now, localizing more texts in UI, using message keys for the role names in the database

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I18N: localizing more texts in the UI, using message keys for the theme and layout names and descriptions in the database

changed to calls to message lookup proc that now only takes two arguments

changing the underscore message lookup proc to take only two arguments, changing message registration log message to debug level

I18N: un-localizing a log message (we haven't been localizing them elsewhere), adding a few keys to the catalog file that were missing

Fixed bug in ad_admin_context_bar: The if clause was reversed.

I18N: converting the dotlrn-forums package to using the message catalog

I18N: converting the dotlrn-dotlrn package to using the message catalog

making sure that lang::message::lookup can be used without an HTTP connection, also making sure the cache is loaded by lookup if that hasn't already been done

changed default openfts version to source to 0.31

adding the catalog file

I18N: converting dotlrn-static to using the message catalog