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updated docs and removed load.sql

add a warning about existing vars in rp_form_put

correcting mistake: site-wide default locale should be en_US not de_DE

removing tilde file

Added a catch around the call to acs-lang, so at least we won't prevent pages from being served

added DESTROY method calls for openfts-driver ops

changes to make search work with openfts 0.3

Peter: a proc in the acs-lang API changed name, correcting, improving the documentation for translating adp files, removing tilde files that were committed by mistake yesterday evening

Peter: making the proc replace_adp_message_tags_with_lookups work on tcl files as well as adp files to make it easier to translate TCL libraries and TCL pages

Peter: making the locale argument to the message lookup proc _ be optional

If we don't have the <p></p> in index.adp, it doesn't belong here, either.

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Typo in default name for control panel: "Contol Panel".

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Small typo in comment: 'what this privs this user has'

Quick hack fix: The seach box tries to find the URL that this package is mounted at, but it may be mounted at multiple site nodes. I've made the query only return the first row. Ugly.

Fixed two bugs:

- Bug #55: Added a default rel_type when adding a user to a community. dotlrn_club::add_user and dotlrn_class::add_user both had it, dotlrn_community::add_user didn't which caused join of a subgroup to break.

- The join link referenced a join.gif image, but this isn't included in the dotlrn package, so I changed it to be words.

Make control panel link appear <strong> when it's selected

Make bboard email alerts point to /notifications/manage

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fix old style sort key in query

fix old style sortkey query

Gave Dave Bauer commit privs for edit-this-page, since he seems to be its maintainer

clean up html

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cleanup on .xql files, add rdbms tags to db specific files, clean XML, etc

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
add db identifiers to db specific .xql files

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Peter: added Jeff's proc that we call replace_adp_text_with_message_tags that is used to make adp templates multilingual. There is a web interface in the package manager for this proc

Peter: adding a web interface to Jeff's magical script for extracting translatable text from adp files to make them multilingual

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Fix path to cvs_acls, again

* Add cvs-to-forums script

* Add cvs-to-forums script invocation to loginfo

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merge new func from 4.6 Feature 1818/patch 488

ad_form_new_p function feature 1818/patch 488 Tilmann Singer

cleanup .xql files and remove two incorrectly committed backup files