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fix broken image paths

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be a bit more graceful on missing requests.

content_type css_file does not exist, require admin permission to do this, read file all at once instead of line by line

- adding support for some HTML5 input types and attributes

case fold before checking if column exists

changing code to consistently handle cases of novalue versus empty string, other syntax fixes

dont give table and id columns for tables that do not exist; maybe there should be an upgrade to fix this as well

make created view with : use _ instead (fix for xowiki object types)

you need to flush the package id to package_key map on update otherwise parameter updates and other things depending on package key fail until server restart. no attempt made to fix teh xotcl-core cached version. also misnamed query fixed

accept pkey, fkey, and key as constraint suffixes since the pg automatic names use them and are good

fix typos and xml in query file

revising argument passing for procs to be more flexible and intuitive

minor revisions, adding qf_textarea, untested

refining qf_open, adding qf_fieldset, untested

add missing access policy message keys

- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- reset filename in case of attack

- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

On my previous commit I added a not null constraint for name column on site_nodes, the problem is that main site node on oracle has a NULL name ( given the fact that empty strings are managed as NULL on Oracle ) therefore doesnt make sense to have such constraint.

- Avoiding usage of coalesce function on site_nodes table columns in WHERE clause, this was leading to usage of sequencial scans which can be expensive when having a huge amount of site_nodes. Instead we go for isolation of the case when requestion a node with a null parent ( this would be the main site node ) and we use the = operator so the planner goes for a index scan.

- Adding not null constraint to site_nodes(name)

adding remember attributes feature for shorthand coding

- fix before-uninstantiate for legacy folders (many thanks to Michael Aram)

- fix class handling for image links, regression test runs again without errors

- fix context_id for inheritance of permissions. After transformation from folders to form-pages, context id was -100

- fix object_type for folders transformed via ::xowiki::tranforms_root_folder

- bump version number to 0.135

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adding dynamic forms procs for handling spreadsheet forms etc. status: untested

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- provide better rfc 3986 compliant url-encoding (relevant when subst_blank_in_name is turned off) to fix behavior in naviserver

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- fix passing of "-id i...." in includelets

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- added parameter "-cssid ..." to all links generated via [[...]]

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