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fix: in which order a section appears with regards to the assessment

Added pagination, made the tasks overview behave more like Ticket Tracker

repositioned loop that sets empty values to nonexistent vars so that it gets run before other code. fixes error about current_location nonexistent

adding a tcl version of the backup.sh file, which might work cross platform better. still needs some work to functionally match backup.sh. Still, it's valuable as is.

file backup.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

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increasing the sortkey value separations from 1 to 512, so that there's room between the sort keys to insert other categories. Right now, the inserts fail because one cannot insert a sort key between two consecutive whole numbers.

subsite scoped search

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comment some code, check for limit :bind which breaks pg7.3

Fixed length of string calc.

adding user paolov, and giving karma in news-portlet

my comments only bombed since the userid not passed in. patch from Simon Buckle

log a debug message for procs declared in a namespace eval rather than explicit namespace

fixing shipping calculation for shipping-gateway when at least one item is not shippable

Added permission link

clarifying a message, and providing an opportunity to add an address

completing feature addition, bug 2281, that shows shipping options in the shopping-cart

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updating description of a parameter so users have easier time knowing what to fill in

Bringing in fixes from HEAD

Bringing in a fix from HEAD.

group assessments by community or class

removing a random character added by my fumbling fingers

fixing shipping calculation discrepency for cases where there are different products with at least one item, but not all items where no_shipping_avail_p is true

adding ability for shopping-cart to show the value of any shipping options if available. This does not include cases that use shipping gateway, but I'll see about adding that over the next day or so

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removing some website content from the original that managed to slip earlier filtering passes

Cleanup build_query proc a little. Add automated tests for build_query.

comment out query for now since the it breaks in a transaction -- hardcode acs-subsite

missed the subsite-procs app group create query names somehow tip 76

missing close querytext

fix lingering broken ad links

another tip 76 change for hardcoded acs-subsite