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removed previously escaped quotes, clarified other statements

added technical info about how images are handled

Add dynamic-types to 5.1 so I can work on a 5.1 compatible version seperate from 5.2 version on HEAD

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making more changes in layout, messages and verifying some permissions

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Update installation of daemontools. Description expanded for Fedora

Core 3. Broken link fixed.

Tuning the clubs queries, and adding database specific versions in the process.

file clubs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

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comment out db_qd_log calls as almost noone will use these anymore and some added appreciable overhead. warn when a proc does not yield a statement name with advice about why, fix the bootstrap version of acs_kernel_id to cache

Don't call site_nodes_sync from apm_package_rename. site_nodes_sync rebuilds the entire site_nodes cache, which takes large sites, such as .LRN sites with tens of thousands of site nodes, completely offline for several minutes. Instead, update the cache for the specific node(s) at which the package is mounted.

changin names, adding messages

changed to course-details

I neglected to change the prompt context to match the adjustments made a few minutes ago

making fix here in addition to the xml, in case the html is not regenerated before the 5.1.5 release

Fixed bug #2136. Send just 1 notification. All messages internationalized. Fixed processing of 'username'. tcl is now consistent with adp: only 'first_names,last_name,email' are required.

creating database should be from user: postgres, not servicename to be consistent with rest of the docs

populate the categories translation cache directly when adding a category rather than forcing a second db query. don't sort when loading locales to array (since ordering not relevant when you array get two lines later). add divs and class names to category select widget so it's possible to style them with css

changin display to edit

more messages

making some changes

regenerate the documentation -- add new files

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fix docbook xml errors, make software.xml mention pg 8.0, 5.2

Commented the creation of the index cr_items_name, already existed

redirect to assessment/asm-admin directory due to the use of context-bar in pages which redirects directly to assessment/admin

Added 5 new messages for users-add-to-community.tcl and users-bulk-upload-2.tcl.

Bump version number for oracle fixes to rss support.

Moving query news__rss_datasource.get_news_items out to database-specific xql files.

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removing pg-centric 'now' argument in rss subscription add and setting to empty string

Bump version for PG upgrade script.

All messages internationalized.