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i18n update

Fix content type calls to eliminate illegal chars in type name

add oracle scripts from callback procs

Daveb fixed broken 5.1 code and tests

fix name of parameter creation_user

adding missing messages

add as_action package

fixing dependencies

removing message

removing permission check

change version number to 7.3

more information about one course

new asm-admin dir

level is a reserved word in Oracle. Changing to treelevel.

Adding missing view_p column

fixing assessment oracle for content-repository

Fixed datamodel to work with new acs_object fields (package_id, title).

Made add_elements and process consistent about special handling of acs_object fields.

Give Rob Denison commit on openacs-4

Reintroduced util_memoize and added the subsite_id as a parameter to it, so the memoize will work correctly. Kudos to Jeff for pointing this out

You cannot memoize this query, as the assignees are different for each package_id

Add dynamic-types as a module.

resurrect file


resurrect file

resurrect erased file that MUST be here

changin links of cc-admin to dt-admin

adding dotlrn-catalog pkg & karma to miguelm for it

Intial import of dotlrn-catalog

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Oracle was complaining about joining with a CONNECT BY. I've refactored the mask into an EXISTS clause. Should this be handled with a 'read_site_map' permission instead of the masking table?