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rewrite query to not use a fourth pool

import metadata

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commiting Daveb's oracle fixes ...

minor bug fixes, clarified presentation, improved overall ui

Fix erroneous commit that merged in changes. This should effectively revert to version that was intended with the previous commit.

Revert change to content::init. Custom code belongs in file-storage.

added postgresql queries, so now procs handle both

Fixing the problem caused by the upgrade for filestorage that exchanges name and title. This should neither change behaviour nor decrease performance, therefore I commit without a TIP

changing logical comparisons to monetary equivalent using ec_is_same to fix some false positive checks for value differences

adding proc for monetary comparisons, where logical comparisons of binary values are too petty

support for categories

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i18N for dotlrn-assessment

i18N for assessment-portlet

Adding some messages to the i18N catalogs

Adding catalog for Spanish (es_GT)

Move openfts to make room for tsearch2.

file install-full-text-search-openfts.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Add tserach2 docs

file install-full-text-search-tsearch2.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Fixing bug when uploading a csv file of users. Bug in if condition

when checking for not optional fields.

export IMS QTI XML and attached graphics

removing some breakage that should be tested before commit

adding categories support

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add callback after-mount to insert the default actions for every instance of assessment

change queries to display only the actions created for certain instance of assessment

add proc used as after-mount callback

add function to insert default actions for every instance of assessment

add files to handle after-mount callback, used to insert default actions for every instance of assessment

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Change the ifstatement to the select query as in postgres

Fixed my previous select as it was missing the parent_id clause

PLEASE REVERT IF YOU THINK THIS IS NOT RIGHT, but it is the only way this f***ed upgrade script works reliably on the sites I needed to upgrade (and that had the same title twice. I changed the if statement from the complex parent_id, title check to a simple select on the cr_item table, checking if the name is already there. Obviously this is very inefficient (for each file you run yet another select) but it works reliably (with the old version I got errors on two sites)