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export more data

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make missing svc contract give message rather than traceback

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rollback the secret multisubsite stuff did not mean to commit

do not try to login when creating a user from the install.xml actioninstall-procs.tcl

add a display of a particular binding so you can easily track down the actual functions

don't use en_US in lc_numeric if lookup fails since when acs-lang totally borked even en_US might not be there and the admin page won't display

tweak some of the dev support css and markup

make h2 consistent with other includelets

value for param has to default to empty string since otherwise the empty value throws error in apm_required_attribute_value

throw error if no package provided and no connection

Added some new actions.

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reset the ad_conn so we can use it during install

add help_text to form

better autoform generation and CR handling

changed attribute types

Added function to get a category from a name in a specified locale.

add the note about using filters to propigate state varibles

tweak markup so log lists of switch docs are readable

adding ad_script_abort to places where the script should stop before making db queries that will fail when cookies are not being accepted

Bump up defaults for many Aolserver configuration items based on forums conversation:


The keepalive scripts need the path to the executables, unless the PATH is included in

the script.

Added in a note linking to a forum thread, in case there are problems.

make the category tree acs_object.title the tree name

return title and package_id in acs_object::get

save errors in includes to the ds_page_bits cache

add traceback cache

Missing maturity. Versions where mixed up, resulting in an upgrade error. This increase in version number should take care of it

Upgraded version numbers

handle missing or invalid object id better

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remove a debug message