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don't show feedback and score if it's a survey

i18n update

Make sure temp files are deleted after upload

Delete temp file after upload

add notification chunk

modify display message

add a simple includelet for available surveys

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functions for enabling and setting locale in the install.xml file

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add recognizing array variables like @xx.y.z@ as xx(y.z). Note that the regexps show up in multiple places so any changes to the @ var regexps should be made carefully. In particular if @x@ defined and if @x@ nil handle variables special since they can't be derefrenced

fix some typos, remove a log message

Fixing image length

Fixing rel name

Remove debugging noticed

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typo in boolean answer function

add an object id= method for setting permissions in the install.xml file on explicit object ids

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added clarificaton to bison instructions

file upgrade-5.1.4-5.1.4d1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

file upgrade-5.1.5d2-5.1.5d3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

fixed some upgrade scripts for oracle

explicit align left in footer since sometimes design has page centered

Fixed call to rp_debug for reporting bad filter return codes.

changes to make htmlarea-3.0-rc3 work

pull in htmlarea 3.0rc3

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add the tags and attributes used by htmlarea to the set of allowed tags (Except IMG and src=

fixing oracle scripts

fixing image url

updated aD link to latest from archive.org

remove debug message

add default ids to simplify writing install.xml scripts (ACS_KERNEL ACS_TEMPLATING ACS_AUTHENTICATION ACS_LANG and MAIN_SITE) from Lee Denision

cache the magic object lookup and kernel id lookups since they were being called on every page causing 4 db hits

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