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fixed pagination error in this seldom used (and fairly useless) page

file upgrade-5.6.0b2-5.6.0b3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-6.

Bumped to beta 3 so I could put in this important upgrade script, fixing

a problem with using package_instantiate_object to instantiate a base

(acs_object) object. Never done in core or .lrn code apparently because typically

you instantiate subtypes, but it is important to get right.

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Somebody hosed this (probably me). Never caught because no one creates a

base object directly, just subtypes of acs_object with their own (correct)

definition of a new() function.

- use ::xo::library in 30-widget procs to make it more conveniant to subclass ::xo::Table

- add "pretty-age" as possible display_format to formfield "date"

- add flag renderer for using alternate renderers in form-usages

- search for forms in form-usages with directory containing including page (and for the time being, use yui renderer if available)

- provide minimal setup for form-based linear forum

model_compute: report works awkwardly. converted h and i to double and now loop with _i and _h for integer so we do not have to worry about inteference of model on looping..

model_compute: compile and compute works, report has issues

model_compute: compile works, compute has looping issues..

model_compile works for compile..

drafted outputs and reports, other small fixes. Testing soon..

updating model compute, combined it with model compile, revised internal variables to start with _ to prevent collisions with model variables etc.

Added Malte's patch which removes the use of /o/ when editing the css file.

I think it's cleaner this way.

Fixed the acs-developer-support css edit feature, by moving the calls to

generate footer and header html in front of the call to

template::head::prepare_multirow (which unsets them as they're processed).

If a footer or header template calls blank-master, this won't work, but

that will be the least of the problems to worry about in this case!

Added sql_timestamp as an alias for sql_date (no code)

removing bad parens in comment and extraneous comments

fixing sign for case 0 and when division is not perfect

- added default for argument parent_id in Package.make_form_link

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- added renderer "none" for toc

- refactored toc, moved method "add_pages" to ::xowiki::Tree

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- follow naming conventions

Replace single quote in tcl string with double quotes

Got rid of the bogus reference to the delos style sheet (default ilias

stylesheet, we only need their player.css stylesheet).

- fix for calling "new" method within a "contains"

- provide parent_id for import (instead of folder_id)

- provide more clever return_button for import form

- render includelet rss-button with link from current folder

- render includelets book and toc from current_folder

- provide query parameter parent_ids for RSS

- provide parent_id for Weblog

- new method Page.get_folder

- added import-link to standard menu

- updated prototype page en:news

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Removing previously added streamSpooler object. Used only in our local code.

Falling back to locale en_US and charset UTF-8 in case there is an error fetching them.

- update page_template, when formpage exists already

i18n of permission's denied message.

Adding streamSpooler object. Which is useful for forwarding, in the background, a stream of data to a connection channel.