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part 2 of (temp) fix - added bit to sweeper that clears out invalid (unauthorized) notif requests

Finished up PG semantics for global/instance parameters on package upgrade.

The Tcl API stuff to do this should technically be moved down into the

oracle/PG API but 1) it's a fair amount of db-specific work and 2) people

should be using the high level constructs in the first place (and why do

people explicitly register new parameters when they're registered from the

package info file on upgrade in the first place?)

Making global/instance changes work with Oracle

More code dealing with instance and global parameter semantics. I finally

have a reasonable model of inheritance and semantics implemented, not

perfect from a language-theoretic point of view, but works well without

having to rewrite every bit of parameter-handling code in acs-core.

Add UI to create global parameters from within the APM package builder.

Display "scope" of parameters on the version parameters page.

Add missing query

Fix dave's fix :)

"object_type" was not defined at the point where a DELETE error was being


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Add missing query for question choices stored in CR filesystem

More global parameters stuff: XML file parsing and package installation

Added a test for global parameter set/get value.

added security check to notifications sweep query - without this check and with no mechanism to remove requests for users who are no longer authorized, notifications still go out. not good.

The check for a blank tab was incorrect, because it didn't check to make

sure elements on the page were visible rather than hidden.

adding vendorwebuid to list to expand web resource opportunities

Oracle now passes the first set of global parameter tests. More to follow

for both PG and Oracle.

Fixed up the apm parameter stuff to the point where I can at least

register and unregister, and cache values of, global parameters. There's

some really funky code here, I also took the time to have the unregister

code use the unregister API in PL/[pg]SQL rather than roll its own.

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Victor had made an upgrade script for version d4, and committed it before

I got around to adding and committing mine. So now my tcl upgrade commits

and my datamodel ones aren't synchronized :( But they're dev versions so

no harm should result.

If I'd known global parameters would be such a PITA, would I have TIP'd to

do them?

Turns out we must make a parameter value when a parameter is registered, else

all sorts of stuff dies. This is for PG. Oracle will come soon.

A bunch of stuff related to global/instance parameters.

Added 'embeds' to allowable dependencies.

Restored the data links upgrade script I'd accidently overwritten earlier.

1. added "bio" attribute to user rather than person (initial install was fine)

2. only make package instance parameter values for instance scope params

Use the same pattern for flushing person::name that has been used to cache it (sigh)

Added "-scope" parameter to apm_register_param

And for PG too ...

Same change to pk constraint names as for initial install.

Oops, missing rdbms = pg tag

Changed primary key constraints to meet our naming conventions, because

the slightly non-standard name caused my pretty "no errors" page for this

package to turn red :(.

- fix typo

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