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passthru group_id for subgroup adds

When I moved the user's bio to the user datatype, I removed the attribute.sql

file but forgot to remove the call to load it in this file.

Fix typo table name should have been table_name

Simple package drop now works for PG and probably Oracle, too. The drop

scripts had never been tested - they misspelled two service contract

operations (quite bad seeing as there are *only* two sc operations)

Basic package drop works now for PostgreSQL (Oracle will come later)

1. Package uninstantiate now cleans up the instance's root folder.

2. Package drop works.

- use correct package id for link generation in includelet "recent"

Fixed display of the content includelet

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- use numeric entity instead of the named entity apos

Fix bug introduced in 5.4 that would cause perms not to be removed when leaving a group.

Fix bug introduced in 5.4 that would cause permissions not to be removed when leaving a group.

- add the form-field class "redirect"

- moved item_refs from Page to Package (other resolvers are defined on

Package as well)

- handle cross package item-refs to root pages (configured via package


- when page refs are not fully qualified, perform always a final

lookup with en: prefix (not only for forms)

- fix results for these test cases in regression test

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- deactivate per-thread caching of CrClass get_name and get_parent_id until we get rid of the "folder object" in xowiki

Removed old dtype stuff ...

add move up/move down buttons to object view

- added parameter subtree_wrapper_class for tree renderers

- add a simple renderer for menu-style structures

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- improving comments

- handle different languages in elements and subelements in pretty-url

- improving youtube url parser

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- allow richtext property for arbitrary table fields

Added a bunch of new stuff for the acs object management package.

  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
- validator for years, to avoid that the user sees tcl errors from "clock scan"

adding site_node::conn_url which adjusts ns_conn url output depending on if connection is via main domain or a site host_node.

bumping version because of adding parameter UseHostnameDomainforReg for easier management of host_node mapped domains that share main domain's HTTPS connection for secure sessions and login, revised ad_get_login_url accordingly, defaults to no change with prior version.

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minor comment improvements for easier debugging, now external_url_p checks against encoded urls as well.

- provide proper query-names for db_* interface

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- provide optionally return_url to make_form_link

- assumption oft top-level objects in cache management


- flush cache correctly for tree deletions

- bump version number and update references

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- extended CrClass api with get_parent_id, get_name and

get_child_item_ids (all three methods do not instantiate objects)

- bumped version number to require these methods

Remove extra code from sql extraction. Causes error for childless items.

- removed "folder" prefix and use instead the folder form page

- item-ref performs now an addition en:NAME lookup in cases were folders

are expected (with the path) but not found via DEFAULT_LANG:NAME

- change regression test to reflect these changes (one questionable

test failing)

- added sample prototype pages

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- removed obsolete code