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Removing custom sql and instead using the tcl api to get the best revision id for pm::project::get_project_item_id

Adding no_perm_check to contacts::person::new when adding to the contacts default group since permissions checks take place before this proc is run

Adding the ability to add the opposite end of a relationship, i.e. either an employer OR an employee when creating a new contact

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Moving context_id to be included in the form even if there are no file attachments (integration from csreurope)

update of message catalog

adjust to changes in xotcl-core, make form entry table accept more different content fields, bump version number

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add aditional attribute to table fields (richtext), bump verison numbers to force this version

additional menu button includelet "copy"

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set in xowiki includes the global variable ::xowiki_head

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connection locale handling for toc and book

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allow links ..../swf/...

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support for local links [[//....]] for images, css and .js

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adjust to released version of xotcl-core and xowiki

some work on locale handling in toc includelet

SQL standard (limit sentence is only for postgresql)

flag built-in methods in class browser

explain more details in the class browser

extend the class browser to show the class hierarchy

Save page variable when generating context bar with link to filtered list

Problem with role in subgroups with evaluation

Problem with role in subgroups with evaluation

Give .lrn admins nav tools to the lrn admin page, i.e. the "admin" tab

on the main navbar and the "admin" link on the dotlrn toolbar.

Removed garbage assessment link that linked to a non-existent script and

which shouldn't exist in core anyway. We should never present a link to

a non-existent script, whether it's guarded by a "package installed" bool

or not.

add rule for create-new to policy2 and policy3

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add rule for create-new to policy2 and policy3

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improve api browser output

changing lang message acs-kernel.common_No to acs-kernel.common_No since the upper case reference is not in the kernel

Removing dos based ^M characters from the end of lines in user-tracking/www/communities-card.tcl

The variable total_completed, used for counting the number of completed

activities was not initialized. I just added the line before the loop.

decativating unneeded and broken button on admin paages for creating FormPages via "nobody" privilege

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