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Made sure that the credit is calculated correctly

Merge resulted in two copies of a parameter in faq.info

Oops, apparently dropped a "}" while merging oacs-5-2 -> HEAD. Automated

testing caught this (the "all .tcl files pass the 'info complete' check")

Made tasks portlet work with orderby_p

hours_to_complete might not exist

make sure unique section names do not exceed 100 characers

Added acs_object::package_id procedure to retrieve the package_id along with testcase

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Fix syntax to exec person.del()

Does not include system table in the result of the test (oracle)

Fix a_callback definition. '-' was missing for switch arg1

Added appropriate noquotes

myself as contact

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initial import of soap-db

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Initial revision

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aliases for soap-gateway soap-db

removing avail|derickl|openacs-4/packages

test for community-core procs, proc: cc_lookup_email_user, cc_email_from_party,person::person_p, person::get, person::new, person::update, person::get_bio, person::update_bio,party::get_by_email, party::update

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Add missing "email" field to CSV file (process_objects_csv)

__named_constraints: added code for oracle

__acs_object_type_check: fix queries to be run also on oracle

__acs_attribute_check: added missing oracle datatype (date/timestamp is still pending).

Replacing 'limit 0' with 'person_id=1 and person_id=2' so it can be run on both pg and oracle

Remove reference to dotlrn

User callback::impl_exists

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don't use bgdelivery when no throttle command is available

Changed orderby_tasks to tasks_orderby

Made sure tasks_orderby works instead of plain orderby

Make PM adhere to naming conventions for orderby

add package parameter for controling display of categories on page view, provide return_url for permissions, adding package parameter link to admin page

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Display an error if the invoice does not have an organization

Display default price list

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Only rate if there is someone to rate