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changed dir structure

Initial checkin after changing directory name.

Renamed directory to postgresql

fixed a bug that i caused by switching a $ to a : in a db_write_blob call

Fixed aD's incorrect use of nvl2

Fixed aD's reuse of the dimensional var which messed up the QD

Accidently added.

updated for postgres


deleted unneeded files

fixed outer join bugs

finished cleanup of data-model, it now loads without errors

fixed more syntax errors

more cleanup

more cleanup

minor cleanup

added query files for ad_table calls

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initial revision

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more cleanup

more cleanup

Fixed more syntax errors

more porting work

Changing file names.

modified acs_object scripts and fixed syntax error. This will now load

took out Oracle package dependency

started porting work

created postgresql sql directory

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removed cancel and resume links from cases that are finished - use of these links throws an error

fixed oracle db api so that db_exec_plsql command would still work after the passed in sql query is converted to an empty string

fixed outer join query