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Importing first version of resource-list. May have items that are safe4all.org specific.

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Fixed bug 1142 again (more?)

file upgrade-5.0.0b3-5.0.0b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

remove version entity from most titles, remove OpenACS 4 from titles, add catalog and lib directory to server layout figure

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Make AOLserver and PostgreSQL all follow same case, clean up compat matrix some, add pg7.4 as untested for 5.0.0 (Guan Yang has installed on 7.4 so it seems to work), add comment on 7.4 and 9i status, remove unused version of compatability.xml

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small indenting change

commit for rocael on faq

add some diagnostics, don't fail silently on permissions failure, add more explicit help text for EmailQmailQueue

add a link to the parameters page

First implementation draft of the the SimInst module. Not yet fully functional.

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use ad_form for faqs, use permission::require_permission, bug 839 patch 372 Gerardo Rene Morales Cadoret

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added new string for available-in-this-language

Minor documentation changes.

added handler to resolve object_ids into urls

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the upgrade failed because notification_user_map constraint notif_user_map_notif_id_fk needed the pk on notifications_bak, now drops it and recreates it after the table is reloaded

don't get attach_p unless we put it into the form in the first place

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updated data model docs

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added UI handling for new attributes

updated index to include form-builder.xml

added link to new docs

file form-builder.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

added works_for, resides_at, in_directory_p, is_located_in to data model

updated permissions

added link to new docs

fixed bug where passing in only action_id crashes page

adding the sim_roles table. Making the ordering of table creations more logical

some TODO comments added after review with Joel

allow variable subst in query on errno 2 (return)

change the query to prevent a slow table scan

changing the page flow of siminst to reflect the two step instantiation process - mapping, and casting

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