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fix boolen expression

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clean up temporary objects after scheduled jobs

cleanup temportary objects after run_jobs

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fix typo

turn procs into private ad_procs with doc-strings

add "developer tools" to default admin menu

make test cases proper test cases using the automated testing framework

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fix potential problem when updating cache on top-level site

fix potential overquoting in breadcrums (main site name)

make it possible to run auth::authority::create in the background

Fix variable name (Many thanks to Markus Moser)

Quote the backslash as well...

use simple query as local query to make purpose more evident

improve spelling

Provide a simply authority named "acs_testing" for creating test users during runs of the regression test.

Use this authority in ::acs::test::user::create to avoid problems with the default authority of the site.

reduce verbosity

add new proc "acs_sc_update_alias_wrappers" to allow refetching of wrapper functions

bump version number to 5.10.0d3

pass authority_id to acs_user::get_by_username

auth::create_user: add parameter authority_id to enable creation of users in arbitrary authorities

acs_sc::impl::get_id: in case, no such implementation is available, return empty. This makes it possible to use this function to test for existance.

use full namespace paths to avoid variable lookup mixups from global variables

whitespace changes

fixing old bug: overwriting help_contact_text with help_contact_text_format. This could not have been correct, wonder, why this did not show up.

whitespace changes

Address issue #3358: avoid duplicate entries in notification_requests via data model, in case the check in notification::request::new for existing requests with the same type_id, object_id and user_id is somehow bypassed

Fix locale name

Add spanish catalog file

Italian message keys for cookie-consent package

Revert reduction of divergency between oracle and postgres codebase:

this conflicts hard with downstream code and results in less scalable behavior