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- en:photo.form: simple default form

- generalize yui-carousel to work with FormPages of en:photo.form

- pass geometry in links

- bump version number to 0.134

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- make sure to change image, when a new revision is uploaded

Add test with many datatypes

Added a couple of template validation procedures ("added a couple of

templating system datatypes") to bring the kernel and templating system's

view of datatypes closer together. Added to_sql/from_sql helpers to move

that functionality from ad_form into the templating system.

Add bind var support. Note incomplete hack to handle to_timestamp. Since when we construct the query we don't have access to the attribute/form datatypes. Also return new object_id in new_from_form procedure.

file authentication-procs-oracle.xql was added on branch oacs-5-8 on 2013-08-25 20:04:46 +0000

file authentication-procs-postgresql.xql was added on branch oacs-5-8 on 2013-08-25 20:04:46 +0000

more PG 9.0 compatibility. Avoiding the usage of OIDs in postgresql.

making white space consistent in nsopenssl section, clarified a comment there.

removing wishy-washy statments in nsopenssl section, removing nsopenssl config for aolserver3.3 (no longer supported), adding example 'other db' configuration, minor clarification edits in nsopenssl config. see http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=3488424

Removing query text that was moved previosly to its respective xql file.

We use the package_key of attachments for checking if there is already an instance of it under dotlrn.

- updated charts.swf and uploader.swf in yui 2.7.0 to address serious vulnerability (see http://yuilibrary.com/support/2.8.2/)

- more changes induced by xotcl 2.0

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PG 9.0 compatibility. Changes regarding the usage of sequences in order to avoid errors of 'missing FROM-clause message' on queries.

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PG 9.0 compatibility. Changes regarding usage of sequences. Deleting unused views and sequences.

PG 9.0 compatibility. Avoiding quering the root folder from dual.

PG 9.0 compatibility. Avoiding fetching next value of sequences using a view.

- added experimental folder-procs

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- added experimental menu-procs

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- add support for content_type image

Fix count query to also honor the extra_args

Fix to parse and insert LOM metadata included as an external file.

LOM metadata wouldn't be parsed and inserted correctly if it was in an external file instead of inserted as a subnode of the metadata one.

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Remove extra log messages (leftover from my previous commit)

Fix queries

- make yui-carousel better configurable

- make listing folder/parent_item aware

Made default master color banding use the same values as the list

template css color banding, for consistentcy.

- fix collateral damage from changes in pretty_link

apm_parameter__get_value bug missed by merge apparently.