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Oops, there are two queries to grab a calendar item. One if the use of

attachments is disabled (which I'd changed earlier), and one if attachments

are enabled (which I'd missed earlier). Thanks to Michael at MGH for catching

this while testing.

More support for the related link stuff in acs-events.

Support the related link features of the acs-events datamodel.

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- reduce verbosity

- preserve query parameter in wiki links

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alvaro karma on *learning-content* packages

aliases for *learning-content* package

Initial import of dotlrn Learning Content

Initial import of Learning Content Portlet

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Initial import of Learning Content

  1. … 229 more files in changeset.
Initial revision

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Importing severali bug fixes from local repository.

1. Missing key (actually bogus reference to a key in layout-subsite-integration).

2. Used an older layout manager API call that no longer exists.

Need an explicit cast due to improved PG error checking.

Localization updates.

Changed edit priv to admin which is more likely to be what one wants.

initial import

Initial revision

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White space in URLs tends to break them ... and if you do so in an IMG

tag, you get the little blue-box "?" or red "X" depending on the browser

you use ...

Added a bit of caching ...

Fixed the code that lists classes so it works when called from the user


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Rolled back some debug stuff that I'd changed earlier.

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Fixing the resources list to use item_id for identification.

Removing the parameter verification from the resource list query, have to double check this though.

Extracted sql from servlet.tcl to servlet.xql. Added a new course to test LORS. Updated version of lorsm to 0.9d4. Solved problems with templates when you upgrade the package

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Removing the hover behavior, doesnt work when activity names are long.

Allow for the creation of calendar items that aren't mapped to a calendar.

Useful for an application that wants to associate content with a calendar,

but doesn't want to have it actually show up in the calendar until the

content is approved. It's easiest to create and remember the cal item

when the content is created, then map the cal item to the calendar during

the approval stage.

improve error messages from a variety of other malformed list things

make the invalid orderby spec message more informative since it can be hard to identify a malformed orderby spec

Fixed a typo - a capitalized variable

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Fix acs-admin subsite list to show subsite extension packages