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Eliminated acs_privilege_hierarchy_index in favor of using acs_privilege_descendant_map. In addition, rewrote trigger for creating acs_privilege_descendant_map as permissions creation was getting too slow on .LRN. .LRN has somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 entries in the privilege hierarchy, which is much higher than anticipated.

Added caching db_* API from Greenpeace Planet.

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add -- where needed fixes bug 266

cross link the form, element, widget, and validate procs, add template::data::validate::string, https should be valid url

display attr info when form invalid

Added link to admin pages

Added 'context' property alongside 'context_bar'. The latter should probably be phased out, but this is backwards compatible.

Use the title in the context bar instead of the name

adds ad_httpget which will returns status and last modified in addition to the page, makes util_httpget a call to ad_httpget bug 212 patch 77 Simon Carstensen

drop views and functions bug 262

Adds acs-admin links patch 91 Joel Aufrecht

ad_proc rather than proc on sec_sweep_sessions bug 263

Tracked a minor change in file storage ...

Tracked a minor change in file-storage ...

My upgrade invalidated the acs_group package.

Changed link to SDM to a link to bug-tracker.

Removed erroneous '2' in html_p label

Added documentation files and other things

Return NULL as the sql_date property of a date when the date is empty, otherwise it gets converted to January firste, year 0 (or 1 BC)

Made the help text not have so much vertical space around it.

Added maxlen argument to ad_html_text_convert, and made it accept 'plain' also.

Added new_request to the documentation, and documented that with both edit_request and new_request, you just need to set the values as local variables, and ad_form will suck the values into the form. Then added the code for new_request to suck the values into the form.

Simplified how we get the names of this subsite and of the site-wide administration page

file_extension not always defined

merge bug 180 fix to 4.6 branch

upgrade script from Paul Huibers bug 259

file upgrade-4.5-4.5.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

Switched to using new fs::get_folder_objects proc rather than the

full-blown fs::get_folder_contents proc.

Merged a reminder for fixing that I'd stuck in dotLRN 1.0

Moved over my new permissions stuff plus improved file storage stuff (mostly

speed improvements in PG-land)

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