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Fix the name of a variable that is used inside a message

Fix the name of a variable that is used inside a message

Using a more generic vocabulary without LD specific terms.

Fixing the conditions to show an activity and an act.

Fixing the addition of resources to the environment and the instantiation of a new activity.

Fixing a problem with file properties.

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- make sure to use "connection: close" for requests delivered via bgdelivery thread

- YUI element was moved from beta to standard component

- handling parent-ids in generic forms

- move back default version of YUI from 2.8.0r4 to 2.7.0 due to problems with Drag and Drop

- some refactoring of Link class for handling folders

- fixed a bug recently introduced for handling the default languages in partial links

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Add missing image button

Fix form declarations

Set f_title with file_name. We set the element value at the end

Really fix YUI loader to use 2.7.0 version of loader

Use new yuiloader not older yuiloader-beta

Changing the vocabulary to be more user-friendly.

Bug fixing of:

- File properties

- Activity tree visibility conditions

Merge from oacs-5-5.

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Add option to save the category name with the Enter key and validate that the category name is not empty when editing the categories tree

html file for the plugin in xinha 0.96

Spanish messages for the new plugin in xinha 0.96

New config file for the new xinha 0.96

Do not patch the theme-zen package since the alert messages are displayed differently

Change the way of displaying the message after adding activities, this way there is no need to patch the theme-zen package

Fix form declaration syntax

Name upgrade file correctly

Add upgrade scripts for folder_id fk

On delete cascade for folders to make life easier. Patch from Jim Lynch

Patches for NULL table name, on delete cascade to clean up file storage from Jim Lynch

Fix support for NULL table name in CR-derived object types

Merged oacs-5-5 branch of .LRN packages to HEAD.

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fixing acs-lang messages, added message view url

adding optional 'withhold content from notifications when browser connection is secure' feature.

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Fix to pass group_id in bulk actions if specified