Administrator's Guide

Table of Contents

2. Installation Overview
Basic Steps
Prerequisite Software
3. Complete Installation
Install a Unix-like system and supporting software
Install Oracle 8.1.7
Install PostgreSQL
Install AOLserver 4
Install OpenACS 5.7.0
OpenACS Installation Guide for Windows2000
OpenACS Installation Guide for Mac OS X
4. Configuring a new OpenACS Site
Installing OpenACS packages
Mounting OpenACS packages
Configuring an OpenACS package
Setting Permissions on an OpenACS package
How Do I?
5. Upgrading
Upgrading 4.5 or higher to 4.6.3
Upgrading OpenACS 4.6.3 to 5.0
Upgrading an OpenACS 5.0.0 or greater installation
Upgrading the OpenACS files
Upgrading Platform components
6. Database Management
Running a PostgreSQL database on another server
Deleting a tablespace
Vacuum Postgres nightly
7. Backup and Recovery
Backup Strategy
Manual backup and recovery
Automated Backup
Using CVS for backup-recovery
A. Install Red Hat 8/9
B. Install additional supporting software
Unpack the OpenACS tarball
Initialize CVS (OPTIONAL)
Add PSGML commands to emacs init file (OPTIONAL)
Install Daemontools (OPTIONAL)
Install qmail (OPTIONAL)
Install Analog web file analyzer
Install nspam
Install Full Text Search using Tsearch2
Install Full Text Search using OpenFTS (deprecated see tsearch2)
Install nsopenssl
Install tclwebtest.
Install PHP for use in AOLserver
Install Squirrelmail for use as a webmail system for OpenACS
Install PAM Radius for use as external authentication
Install LDAP for use as external authentication
Install AOLserver 3.3oacs1
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