OpenACS Documentation

Table of Contents

I. OpenACS For Everyone
1. High level information: What is OpenACS?
OpenACS Release Notes
II. Administrator's Guide
2. Quick Install
3. Prerequisite Software
Compatibility Matrix
Individual Programs
4. Installing on Unix/Linux
Install Linux and supporting software
Install Oracle 8.1.7
Install PostGreSQL
Install AOLserver 3.3oacs1
Install OpenACS 5.0.0a1
5. Installing on Windows
OpenACS Installation Guide for Windows2000
6. Installing on a Macintosh
OpenACS Installation Guide for Mac OS X
7. Configuring a New Service
8. Upgrading
Support for upgrades.
9. Maintenance
Hosting Web Sites
Database Management
Backup and Recovery
A. Install Red Hat 8.0
B. Install additional supporting software
Unpack the OpenACS tarball
Initialize CVS (OPTIONAL)
Add PSGML commands to emacs init file (OPTIONAL)
Install Daemontools (OPTIONAL)
Install qmail (OPTIONAL)
Install Analog web file analyzer
Install nspam
Install Full Text Search
Install nsopenssl
III. For OpenACS Package Developers
10. Development Tutorial
Creating a Package
Setting Up Database Objects
Creating Web Pages
Debugging and Automated Testing
Advanced Topics
11. Development Reference
OpenACS 5.0.0a1 Packages
OpenACS Data Models and the Object System
The Request Processor
The OpenACS Database Access API
Using Templates in OpenACS 5.0.0a1
Groups, Context, Permissions
Writing OpenACS 5.0.0a1 Application Pages
Parties in OpenACS 5.0.0a1
OpenACS 4.x Permissions Tediously Explained
Object Identity
Programming with AOLserver
12. Engineering Standards
OpenACS Documentation Guide
Using PSGML mode in Emacs
Detailed Design Documentation Template
System/Application Requirements Template
Release Version Numbering
Constraint naming standard
ACS File Naming and Formatting Standards
PL/SQL Standards
A. Using CVS with an OpenACS Site
Add the Service to CVS - OPTIONAL
B. How to package and release OpenACS
IV. For OpenACS Platform Developers
13. Kernel Documentation
OpenACS 4 Object Model Requirements
OpenACS 4 Object Model Design
OpenACS 4 Permissions Requirements
OpenACS 4 Permissions Design
OpenACS 4 Groups Requirements
OpenACS 4 Groups Design
OpenACS 4 Subsites Requirements
OpenACS 4 Subsites Design Document
OpenACS 5.0.0a1 Package Manager Requirements
OpenACS 5.0.0a1 Package Manager Design
Database Access API
OpenACS Internationalization Requirements
OpenACS 4 Security Requirements
OpenACS 4 Security Design
OpenACS 4 Security Notes
OpenACS 4 Request Processor Requirements
OpenACS 4 Request Processor Design
Documenting Tcl Files: Page Contracts and Libraries
Bootstrapping OpenACS
External Authentication Requirements

List of Figures

3.1. Compatibility Matrix
4.1. Assumptions in this section
8.1. Assumptions in this section
10.1. Assumptions in this section
10.2. Database Creation Script - master create file
10.3. Database Creation Script - table
10.4. Database Creation Script - functions
10.5. Database deletion script

List of Tables

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