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Faq vs Search trigger reform: turns out after delete trigger on faq_q_and_as is quite pointless and makes it more complicated for faq package instances to properly uninstantiated. More details in the comments.

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Introduce ON DELETE CASCADE on faq main datamodel tables, so generic acs_object db api can be used to e.g. delete a faq (fixes downstream errors when deleting FAQ package)

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Implement uninstantiate apm callback to delete existent FAQs in advance

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Whitespace changes

Whitespace changes

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Localize faq admin labels and bump version number

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Align case of acs_object_type with that of the actual table (fixes automated tests)

This change intentionally ignores Oracle, as its behavior with respect to case is not clear to me.

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Fix dependency: latest acs-tcl package atm is 5.10.0d6

Replace "wrap_string" by "ns_reflow_text", where the latter is a

builtin of newer versions of NaviServer. When "ns_reflow_text" is not

available, provide a scripted version for it.

wrap_string is marked as deprecated, since it has no proper prefix,

and is less powerful than ns_reflow_text

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- use type checking for boolean parameters in page_contracts to improve security

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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Fixing null package_id's for faq and faq_q_and_as objects. Patch orignally provided by Gustaf Neumann.

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Merged oacs-5-5 branch of .LRN packages to HEAD.

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1. Merge 2.4.1 to HEAD other than assessment, imsld, lorsm, and views.

2. Bump version numbers to 2.5.0d1.

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Merged oacs-5-3 branch to HEAD

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bumping version numbers to 5.2.0d5, since was added the attribute package-instance-name to use it in the context bar.

Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Merge resulted in two copies of a parameter in faq.info

First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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adding parameter for showing comments

add callbacks

Added categorisation to faq that uses new categorisation libs in categories

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commit to HEAD of merge of changes on oacs-5-1 branch between tags jcd-merge-5-1-20050111 and jcd-merge-5-1-20050224

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Added support for categories, htmlarea (both optional). Also some more i18n keys added. Requires categories package.

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adding notifications

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split package from datamodel create, add fts contract, update for tip 42,43 fix name_method on pg

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merge of changes on oacs-5-0 branch to oacs-5-0-0b4 tag

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cleaned up files: updated require sections, removed references to arsdigita and openforce, and replaced out-of-date owner info. Most of these edits were done by hand due to bug 1106; I tried to do the same things the APM would do (remove file sections, etc) and updating the release date to today

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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