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Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null' and update doc accordingly

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add server restart button to acs-admin interface

Use the existing API when doing changes to the properties of an authority, otherwise the cache is not updated accordingly.

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prefer https over http on request going to openacs.org

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prefer package_id over package_key for lookup

Cleanup trailing whitespace

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whitespace changes

fixing old bug: overwriting help_contact_text with help_contact_text_format. This could not have been correct, wonder, why this did not show up.

whitespace cleanup

new feature: warn host administrator about expiring certificates

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improve comments

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Removed obsolete @arch-tag

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improve spelling

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adjust protection to reality

Remove unneded ad_script_abort

Fix files__page_contracts for include, replace ad_decode idioms

Fix files__page_contracts for this page

Fix files__page_contracts automated test for the page

Ehm.. revert previous commit: search would use service contract to get the search form, so we should no assume local-search to be used...

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Removal of obsolete user search includes


- no mention to these pages anywhere in upstream packages

- local-search fails files__page_contracts automated test

- weird code in local-search (where is authority_id used to filter users?...)

- acs-admin/users/complex-search is a working replacement and duplicates their intended features

- as for TIP#125, in case complex-search was not reusable, probably a minor rework would do

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Replace array idioms with dict idioms, streamline expressions

Trim whitespace

improve testcases by removing useless expr commands

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improve rowcount expressions

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Whitespace changes + add editor hints

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Remove superflous parentheses

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Update es_ES catalog files

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Bump version number so new message key is loaded

Trim whitespace