ssoberni <>
on 07 Dec 10
Accomplishments: - Completed a first version of the sandboxed (partial) evaluation of Tcl source artifacts (packages, script files, C exte… Show more
Accomplishments: - Completed a first version of the sandboxed (partial) evaluation of   Tcl source artifacts (packages, script files, C extensions) based on   a dedicated child/slave interp environment: see ::nx::doc::Sandbox;   the test suite and the test documentation builts run on it. - Based on this infrastructure, we can now generate a snapshot of a   program's structure to be documented (and contrast it to the   explicitly documented structure). - Added simplistic css sprites for visualising the doc entity status   (extra, missing, mismatch, complete); see also   library/lib/doc-assets/status.svg   and library/lib/doc-assets/status.png - The entity status is printed optionally along with the print name of an entity - Added switch-like parts to represent properties of doc entities:   @deprecated, @stashed, @c-implemented, @syshook. The implementation   and use of ::nx::doc::SwitchAttribute should be reviewed after   having figured out how to proceed using "switching" objparams. - I provide a multi-property dispatcher as doc-syntactic sugar and for mere   convenience: @property


- Corrected some div-boxing mess in the templates

- Added a filtered helper to process entity collections

- Made the mixin layer infrastructure more symmetric (a revoke operation).

- Added tracers for ::nsf::method and ::nsf::alias (remains to be completed)

- Renamed ::nx::doc to ::nx::processor and turned it into another

 mixin layer to trace the doc entity creation in e.g. readin()

- Companion (*.nxd) files: Revised the handling of companion

 files. Temporarily moved generic/nsf.nxd in the top-level

 directory. We need to find a permanent place as its location is

 currently derived from the location of the shared extension. A

 candidate is doc/ but this is not linked to the shared extension

 location at all.

- processor.readin() now returns a collection of entities created

 during its execution.

- Improved robustedness and orthogonality: destroy hooks; the

 tag-dispatcher can now handle empty comment lines; when placing NSF

 object tracer, we now use the freshly added introspection of an

 object system's method aliases.

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